Defending Email from the Scourge of the Internet

Welcome to EVS Mail's Client Services Page

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Live Stats from Current Log File: We are always 100% Effective. We usually reject more spammer connections before they send their message than competitors block altogether! We are currently rejecting 99.76% of ALL SPAM connections before the message body is sent. The remainder are handled internally. This value can fluctuate depending on the type of spam being received and the size of the current log file. It is normally above 99.5%, and has been as high as 99.9% We are VERY efficient! And, we can still protect you from false positives!

This site is for the exclusive use of MERCMAIL's clients, to access their webmail, account configurations, and end-user documentation.

To find out more about our company, MERCMAIL Inc., or the Email Validation Service itself, please see our MERCMAIL corporate site.

Clients may access their accounts and user documentation through the Maintenance and Docs navigation links above.

Note that regular use of the CLEANUP Link/Button on your Log File will automatically Extend the Retention Period for SUPPRESSD messages for up to 28 Days, which is important if you are away from your inbox for an extended period.

You don't receive many log files but still want to ensure their information is valid for 28 Days? Just use the CLEANUP Button from the Log File Maintenance Page before your extended absence! Even if there is nothing to Clean Up, EVS Mail will ensure your account is marked for the Extended Retention Period.

Please note that email is not considered a reliable medium, even though it often performs fairly well these days. While EVS Mail processes all email immediately, some mail servers do batch processing on a periodic basis, such as every half hour. Also, there can be instances of server and router outages that will cause delays in email delivery. If the communications are urgent, then a telephone call, for example, may be more appropriate, especially since you may not know for several days (when you or the sender receive a bounce message) that there was a problem.